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How I Start An Electronic Pop Production With Splice

Last updated: January 3, 2023
Written by Bradley J Simons
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Reading time: 1-2 minutes

2023 Update: This video was posted in late 2017, and Splice has since become pretty common place for most producers. But having said that, you can still view this video to get an idea of to get started with it. Happy producing!

Hey guys! It's Brad Simons here, and today I'm going to dive into the way I use a program/app/website called Splice to build electronic sounding tracks. This one is for the producers out there!

I'm going to use the phrase “electronic” in a pretty general way, as it can mean quite a diverse range of genres. Regardless, Splice is a super useful tool in creating any type of synthetic and electronic sound.

So hit up the video where I get creative and build a track from scratch with no real direction, just let it flow out organically.

Thanks for watching!

Juno nominated canadian musician, producer, and founder of Velveteen Music, Bradley J Simons

Bradley J Simons

Bradley is a Canadian musician, producer, and is the founder of Velveteen Music. His work has been nominated for 3 Juno Awards, and he has toured Canada and the US as a session guitarist. In addition to making music, Bradley also develops software for Velveteen.
Person tweaking eq settings on a Neve 1073 DPX at Velveteen Music's Edmonton recording studio

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