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Launch your music forward

A proper release campaign builds your fanbase, gets you more listens, and helps build a sustainable career
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What does an ideal release look like?

Get more streams

At the end of the day, you want people to hear your music and to generate streaming revenue

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Grow your audience

Streaming isn't the only metric, building a long term audience that keeps coming back is just as important!

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Increase sustainability

Keep the main thing the main thing. Build a team for the rest so you can focus on making great music

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Here's how we can help

See what we do below

Build and manage a solid release strategy

Set clear and measureable goals, build a release action schedule, and execute the plan for maximum results

Land your music on popular playlists

Increase your streams by placing your song on popular User-Generated playlists via our network of playlisters

Get your music played on the radio

Radio is still a great way to reach a wider audience who may not have seen you on online

Get you featured on blogs and with influencers

Features on blogs and social media influencers profiles push your reach and improve your overall SEO

Help you create amazing content

Content is king. Creating interesting content is what drives your release to success

Run your promoted posts to get more exposure

A healthy mix of organic and paid posts helps you get the most visibility for your release

Let's help you build a successful release

Our team can assess your release goals and create an effective action plan to ensure you get where you want to go

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