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How to Set a Marketing Budget for a Song Release

Last updated: December 22, 2022
Written by Andrew Goodwin

Reading time: 3-4 minutes

Are you a musician, music producer or artist looking to release your latest single? If so, congratulations! Releasing a song can be an incredibly exciting and fulfilling experience. But before the fun really kicks off, there's one important consideration that needs to be made: setting your marketing budget for the release. This might feel overwhelming--especially if it's your first time releasing music--but don't worry. In this blog post, we'll walk you through all the key steps of budgeting for a successful song launch so that you can come out with more fans than ever before! Let's get started…

1. The Rule Of Thumb

A question we get asked often is “what is the proper amount of money to spend marketing my release?” The answer to this question is there is no “proper” amount. Each artist is different and their path to their goals is different.

There is however a rule of thumb within the industry for both small and large artists:

Match your marketing budget to your production budget

So if you spend $5,000 recording then a good place to start is to match that with your marketing efforts.

2. Why

The theory behind this is that you have made an amazing work of art that you are proud of, wouldn't you want to spend the same amount getting people to hear it as you did creating it?

If you spent all that time and money making something incredible, then you have to put the same effort and resources to get it out into the world and make sure your fans hear it. On the flip side, if you didn't invest in your project, it's unlikely that a heavy marketing investment is going to help, as the product isn't there in the first place.

Now with that being said any amount invested is better than none, and more importantly if your actions and efforts aren’t measurable then don't spend the money.

3. Budget For Measureable Actions

The important part of marketing your release is to remember that there is no silver bullet, what works for one artist won't necessarily work for the next. You have to collect data to see what is working for your particular release. Then you can reflect and make adjustments for your next release.

So ensure that your budgeted marketing activites will allow you to measure the success of your campaign and allow you to make improvements for the follow up.

4. Tight Budgets Require Grassroots Marketing Efforts

Budget a bit tight? Don't have enough set aside to match your production budget?

In that case, put in some sweat equity! Getting friends to play/favourite/share your song is still the best thing you can do. There is nothing wrong with calling in favors for your friends and family or local business owner to support your music in any way they can.

Ideally, your efforts should add up to the equivalent of your production budget if you were to hire someone else to do them for you.

5. Be Proud Of Your Release

Above all else, it is important for you to be proud of your release and promote it organically!

How can you expect them to support something you aren't extremely proud of? When someone takes a look at your social media pages they should be able to tell that you create and release music and if you have anything new out?

Make sure your messaging is consistent and clear. And above all pray to the algorithm gods that your music gets heard by the right people. Doing so will help your release go that much further


If you want your release to be successful, make sure to spend as much on marketing as you do on production. And don't forget - take measurable actions so you can tell what worked and adjust for the next time. You've got this!

If you need help planning and budgeting your release, hit us up - we love talking about music marketing!

Wanna reach more listeners?

Velveteen offers full service release campaigns for most types of artists. We help build a release strategy based on your goals as an artist and help you execute them in the most effective manner possible.

We aim to help artists build a long term fanbase, increase their streams and visibility, and set an upward career trajectory towards sustainability.

Niagara based musician Andrew Goodwin, also known as Junyor

Andrew Goodwin

Andrew Goodwin is a Niagara based musician, singer, and music professional. He specializes in helping artists build solid release campaigns and career strategies for maximum growth

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