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Why You Should Be Using A Spotify Presave On Your Next Release

Last updated: January 5, 2023
Written by Andrew Goodwin

Reading time: 3-4 minutes

Hey team! Andrew here, and today I want to talk about Spotify Pre-saves and why you should be using them on your next release campaign

Now before we start, what is a Spotify Presave?

Spotify Presaves are a feature that allows users to save an upcoming album or single to their library before it is released. This is an important and often overlooked feature for artists releasing music for a number of reasons:

Increased Visibility

When a user pre-saves an album, it automatically appears in their library on the release date. This means that the artist's music will be more visible to the user, increasing the chances that they will listen to it.

Spotify calls this the "intent rate" and it essentially tells them that a listener has the intent to support an artist or listen to their music again in the future.

Improved Streaming Numbers

When an album is pre-saved, it counts towards the artist's streaming numbers on the day of release. This can help the artist's music appear on playlists and charts, increasing their reach and visibility.

If you get a lot of people to pre-save a single it tells spotify that people are excited about your music and they should be too!

Increased Excitement and Anticipation

Pre-saving an album creates a sense of excitement and anticipation for the release. This can generate buzz and hype around the artist's music, leading to more streams and engagement on the day of release.

This also gives you the opportunity to create social media content focused on pre-saving. Run a fun contest, or leak parts of your song. Any time you are able to make it so your content feeds into other platforms you should do so!

Improved Discoverability

When an album or single is pre-saved, it appears in the "New Releases" section of users' libraries, increasing the chances that they will discover and listen to the artist's music. It also automatically follows your artist profile and puts the song on their "release radar" playlist.

How Do You Create A Spotify Presave?

Most distributors offer a pre-save feature such as Distrokid or Tunecore but a new feature offered through IconIsland offers “Lifetime Pre-saves” and this is changing the game. Typically you have to get people to pre-save each release as it only counts towards individual releases. With this new feature once someone pre-saves your song once they will automatically pre-save all future releases.

This means you don't have to start from scratch with each release, which is amazing for your long term growth as an artist.


Overall, Spotify pre-saves are an important tool for artists to increase the visibility and success of their music releases. By encouraging fans to pre-save their upcoming releases, artists can improve their streaming numbers, generate excitement and anticipation, and improve their discoverability on the platform .

Thanks for reading, we hope you got some value out of these tips!


- Andrew

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Niagara based musician Andrew Goodwin, also known as Junyor

Andrew Goodwin

Andrew Goodwin is a Niagara based musician, singer, and music professional. He specializes in helping artists build solid release campaigns and career strategies for maximum growth

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